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Montlawn's New Management

Montlawn has served the Raleigh community since 1932, establishing a legacy of excellence in the funeral industry over nearly a century. As a pillar of our community, Montlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home takes great pride in providing compassionate and professional services to families in their time of need,

We are delighted to introduce five remarkable individuals who will lead our team into the future.

Regina Logan is the new funeral home manager. Regina has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer for over 20 years. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is a testament to her dedication to our community. Regina's tenure and expertise make her an exceptional leader. Not only does Regina serve our at-need families, but she is also licensed to take care of our preneed families.

Erin Weingartner, the new cemetery manager, is renowned for her years of providing unparalleled customer service. Her deep understanding of the significance of honoring loved ones is reflected in her team's dedication. Erin's commitment to ensuring that each family receives the highest care level is admirable.

Gary Smith Jr. joined our team recently and serves as our Park and Services Superintendent. Gary brings years of cemetery grounds experience to our team. Most days, you will find Gary out in the park mentoring his teammates or putting the finishing touches on a special request from a family. Gary's work ethic is second to none, and the park never looked better because of him and his fantastic team.

Sean Schreffler is the new General Manager of Montlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home. Sean brings a lifetime of experience to the team. He is a third-generation funeral director and embalmer licensed for over 25 years. He is a former owner of a three-location funeral business. Before he joined Everstory, he was a General Manager of a funeral home and cemetery combination business in Columbia, South Carolina. Sean's philosophy is simple: to take care of each family as if they were his own. He has rebuilt the culture at Montlawn by emphasizing the importance of customer service and looks forward to serving the Raleigh community for years to come.

Last but certainly not least, Nathan Batchelor has been named the new Area Vice President, including the Montlawn location. Nathan is an experienced executive leader with extensive experience in technology, real estate, and transportation industries. He is committed to the highest standards of customer service and operational excellence. His family is laid to rest in his parks, so taking care of these sites is professional and personal. His mission is the same as the company's: to create supportive spaces where individuals and families can find solace, meaning, and hope in the midst of loss.

All five leaders have assembled exceptional teams that share their passion for serving our community professionally. Montlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home remains committed to upholding its long-standing tradition of excellence in the funeral industry, ensuring that every family we serve is treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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My husband brother passed away unexpectedly. I had the privilege to arrange the funeral and burial. I had no idea what to expect in this process and even after doing my own research, it still was not clear. John Paul and Lisa at Montlawn helped me so much understand and accommodate to the family needs and resources. I have a 1 year old daughter and they were so lovely and just overall so helpful. I had to make several trips to the funeral home office because that's just how it is. Today at the Funeral and burial service everything was just perfect and beautiful. They did outstanding work and i wish i could write all my experience in detail but i felt the support and love from them and the rest of staff.

Claudia Camey

Today we laid to rest our beautiful Mother. My twin and I had her 60 long wonderful years. We wanted her funeral simple, but sweet like her. We were treated like family from the minute we walked in the front doors. We met Scott Wheeler, Lisa Stacey and John Paul Womble. This is what excellents looks like. The personal touches that these 3 exceptional people provided for us will never be forgotten. Momma would have loved everyone that was there for her.

Cherye Poole

All the staff members were really nice and caring. They even went down the road to get my 1 yr old milk from the store during the funeral because I had forgotten due to all the stress of the loss of my little brother. No other business has ever showed the compassion and love that this place has. Everything was really special and perfect their is nothing that could have made it better. They take care of everything from beginning to end and if you have kids they are glad to take care of them. They really understand what you are going through and they themselves have loved ones buried their. God is good and God led us to Montlawn Memorial

Israel C

When the time comes to make those decisions for the end of your life and your loved ones it is very important to have someone that cares like Lisa Stacey working with you. Lisa Stacey was very kind and patient with me and showed me different options that I could choose from. Lisa let me take time to choose what was best for me. I have always asked God to place kind and caring people in my life and God has done just that by placing Lisa Stacey in my life! Montlawn Memorial Park your have found a jewel!!!

Mary Spencer

My team & I had the opportunity to work with the staff @ Montlawn this past weekend. They are so kind, efficient, professional & easy to work with! It made the Celebration of Life reception for the family a pleasurable experience during a difficult time. I highly recommend Montlawn Memorial Park!

April Myers

I recently had to have cremations, a memorial service, and burial for both my parents. I cannot share enough how wonderful Scott Wheeler, funeral director, and Lisa Stacey, my Family Service Advisor - (cemetery and burial side) were to work with. They were so compassionate and thorough about every detail and wanted to make sure they were helping me keep within my financial range. They both go above and beyond to make sure every detail honored my parents not only to my liking but was the best possible remembrance experience of them. Make sure you ask for them by name to assist you. They helped me turn a terrible experience into one that has a peaceful ending for me and new beginning for my parents.

Katie Glennon